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Helping Our Future (HOF)


is a national charity which aims to address the serious issues connected to the livelihoods of people and their communities and concerning to matters of wellbeing, debt, energy, homelessness and the environment.



The following are some examples of how we aim to address multiple key issues:

– Raise awareness of fuel poverty.

– Identify the need to reduce co2 emissions.

– Seek greater investment in energy efficiency to help those who are poor and vulnerable.

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Identify environmental impact on communities resulting from poor waste management practises. – Raise awareness to minimise waste. – Simplify legal requirements for waste disposal. – Develop educational tools and projects to bring about behavioural change of waste resource management. – To develop a community led integrated and holistic approach to minimise waste pollution.

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Debt and Finance


Identify causes of debt. – Provide an advocacy service, as one possible solution, which may help and prevent people getting into debt. -Managing debt problems. – Source financial assistance as a means to minimise debt and its associated problems.



Understand and engage more effectively and collaborate with each other and the health and wellbeing policy. – Promoting health improvement e.g. smoking cessation, reducing obesity levels, encouraging healthy activity, offering services that improve wellbeing. – Focusing on tackling unhealthy life styles, tackling the social determinants of health, e.g. smoking, obesity levels, addressing general physical fitness of families and individuals within the communities.
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Undertake case studies to understand the causes of homelessness and how they can be reversed. – Developing shelter centres. – Providing and campaigning for affordable housing. – Developing and training homeless people with key skills to help them find employment. – Promoting legal rights of homeless persons. – Preventing homelessness via a helpline service.
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HOF is a registered charity promoting sustainable development for the benefit of the public.   HOF is supported by private donation and has no political affiliation. In pursuit of its principal goals HOF highlights the need for an overall strategic policy that is balanced, ecologically sensitive, and effective.   We aim to raise public awareness of the issues and encourage informed debate regarding a structured and social deprivation policy that is both ecologically sensitive and practical. The issues of climate change, and social deprivation are complex and closely intertwined. HOF contributes to the debate surrounding these issues by providing an independent source of information.   HOF provides searchable online databases relating to these issues. These online databases are free and offer the user many options.


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