Their are many reasons why we should consider what we throw away, if we recycle we can reduce the waste we put into landfills. Their will only be a certain amount of landfills we can use before we damage the earth so we need to consider how much waste we put in there. If we can recycle products this will reduce the amount put into landfills. On average each person within the UK will throw away 6 pounds of rubbish which means if their is 4 people within a family household, then that’s almost 2 stone of waste each day. This is where you can recycle products and have the bin men collect recyclable products separately. Recycling will prevent global warming. Ten years ago recycling prevented the release of 33 million metric tonnes of carbon into the air. This will decrease each year and will prevent or slow down global warming. It will also prevent water pollution as far less dirty and toxic waste will be put into the earth and leak into the environment. This in turn will also help the wildlife as few animals will become intoxicated by toxins and harmful acids in the environment and water which they need to survive.


  • reduce waste
  • promote recycling
  • go green
  • environmentally friendly
  • reduce carbon footprint