Health and Safety Policy





Health and Safety Policy







Policy Statement


As Chief Executive, I recognise the duties and obligations imposed  upon me both under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and Helping Our Futures’ health and safety policy statement, to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of:-


1        All employees of Helping Our Future whilst they are at work.


2Other persons (e.g. visitors, members of the public, contractors) who may be exposed to risks to health and safety arising out of the activities of the employees in Helping Our Future.


I have set out in this policy the duties and obligations that apply throughout the company, so each individual is aware of their own roles and responsibilities.  I will monitor the company’s safety performance at periodic intervals.


Employees of Helping Our Future must read this document and be aware of its contents and their responsibilities as detailed in this policy.




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Health & Safety Policy Statement                                                                                       1



1.       introduction & statement of intent                                                                            3


2.       policy                                                                                                                        3


3.       arrangements                                                                                                           5


4.       monitoring                                                                                                                 6


5.       review mechanisms                                                                                                  6


6.       associated policies & documents                                                                             6

1.0   Introduction and statement of intent


1.1     Helping Our Future (the charity) recognises the duties and obligations imposed upon it under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other associated legislation.


1.2     The Executive Management Team will therefore ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of: –


4  all employees whilst they are at work

4  other persons (e.g. visitors, members of the public, contractors) who may be exposed to risks of health and safety arising out of the activities of the employees


1.3     The Executive Management Team will provide a budget to deliver this policy.



2.0   Policy


2.1     Each Director will be responsible for the effective implementation of the health and safety policy within their respective area of responsibility and will carry out the following duties in consultation with the Safety Section and other appropriate officers:-


2.1.1  keep themselves informed of the accidents, incidents and health and safety issues occurring in their respective areas of responsibility;


2.1.2  satisfy themselves that the established safety standards are maintained;


2.1.3  monitor the necessity for further health and safety measures, instruction and training;


2.1.4  arrange for any shortcomings in the safety standards, inspection, training and instruction to be rectified;


2.1.5  ensure that suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out in their areas of responsibility. These should be recorded, shared with the relevant staff, and reviewed at least yearly (or sooner if there is any significant change in work), and modified if necessary;


2.1.6  ensure that all employees in their area of responsibility have been informed of any risks to their health and safety;


2.1.7  in the absence of the Director a nominated officer will be appointed to deputise in all matters of health and safety.



2.2     Staff who manage, supervise or have responsibility for employees, trainees, or members of the public, are accountable for the health and safety of their work area.



They will:-


2.2.1  be responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees, trainees and other persons who may be affected by work activities (e.g. visitors, members of the public, contractors);

2.2.3  continually assess the risks to health and safety in their areas of responsibility to reduce accidents and incidents;


2.2.4  ensure that all significant hazards arising in their area of responsibility are adequately addressed.  Where risks cannot immediately be eliminated, ensure that action is taken to reduce the risk to the lowest level practicable. These actions should be recorded on the risk assessment form and brought to the attention  of those affected;


2.2.5  ensure that accidents and incidents within their area of responsibility are reported promptly to the Safety Section and that, where necessary, action is taken to prevent a reoccurrence of the incident.  They will co-operate fully in any accident investigation where the Safety Adviser decides to investigate;


2.2.6  ensure that all members of staff in their area of responsibility receive appropriate health and safety training, with specific regard to the safety of themselves and others, and have sufficient knowledge, skills and information to carry out their work safely. They shall ensure that new staff are given a workplace safety induction as part of their induction training;


2.2.7  ensure that their staff are kept up to date with all relevant health and safety information;


2.2.8  ensure that all employees and trainees have appropriate protective equipment and clothing where this is required, and are given information, training and instruction on its use.



2.3     All employees and trainees will:-


2.3.1  comply with safety rules and procedures at all times whilst at work and conduct themselves in such a manner so that they, or other people, are not put at risk by their activities;


2.3.2  co-operate with supervisors and managers on all matters affecting health and safety at work;


2.3.3  report any hazard or defect that may affect safety, health or welfare to their supervisor or manager immediately;


2.3.4  be made to feel able to make suggestions to their manager for consideration, which may improve the health and safety of employees or anyone affected by the company’s undertakings;


2.3.5  wear the necessary protective clothing or use safety equipment provided by management. Employees will face disciplinary action for misusing or failing to use safety equipment correctly;


2.3.6  keep themselves up to date with the company’s health and safety documents, policies, procedures and guidance;


2.3.7  only use machinery/equipment for which they have been fully instructed and trained;


2.3.8  report all accidents and incidents occurring in their area of work to their manager/supervisor immediately and follow the accident/incident reporting procedure.

3.0   Arrangements


3.1     Managers and/or Supervisors are responsible for investigating and reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences in their area of responsibility, in accordance with the accident/injury reporting procedure. (Safety Section will give help and advice if necessary). Safety Section will be responsible for recording accidents and dangerous occurrences and, when necessary, any follow up investigations and reports. Safety Section will act as the reporting hub for statutory accident notifications to the Health and Safety Executive.


3.2     All staff and trainees will receive the necessary level of health and safety training to enable them to work safely.  The health and safety needs of staff in new situations have to be taken into account, for example, the introduction of new technology or changes in existing systems of work. Management will ensure that any new significant risks are assessed, recorded in the Risk Assessment File and the

results shared with employees.


3.3     A Designated Person will have responsibility for managing fire and emergency evacuation procedures in each building. The means of escape, fire alarm systems, and fire fighting equipment are to be fully maintained at all times and periodic evacuation drills are to be carried out.  The findings of these tests and drills will be recorded in the Fire Register, which must be kept available for inspection on the premises. The Designated Person will be responsible for reviewing and updating the Fire Risk Assessment.


3.4     Where appropriate, training sessions will be arranged for employees on fire prevention and control.


3.5     All reasonable action will be taken to ensure that visitors and/or customers are accompanied in areas where risks are known to exist, or visitors are made aware of such risks.  The company will conduct its undertakings in such a way as to ensure that members of the public are not endangered by work carried out by its employees.


3.6     The company will provide First Aid services and facilities to at least the minimum required by legislation.  Where appropriate the names of First Aiders will be displayed.  First Aid training for employees will be arranged through the appropriate manager.


3.7     Managers will consult with the recognised trade unions and employee representatives on the appointment of Safety Representatives. Safety Committees will meet quarterly to review health and safety matters.


3.8     All managers appointing contractors must ensure the contractor’s competency to do the appointed task has been checked.  The contractors must comply with current CDM regulations.


3.9     All contractors are required to carry out a risk assessment of any significant hazards and this should be the subject of pre-contract and subsequent liaison.

3.10   Building custodians must inform contractors of any known health and safety risks which they might encounter during the course of the work, along with any arrangements in force to reduce the risks e.g. fire procedures for the building.


4.0   Monitoring


4.1     Monitoring reports will be provided to Executive Management Team, Directors and board members on at least a quarterly basis.  These reports will consist of any information which they feel may assist in improving health and safety.


4.2     Audits, surveys and inspections will be carried out by Managers and Safety Staff, reports prepared and circulated to all relevant managers.


4.3     Risk Assessments are a legal requirement and all managers must ensure that an annual risk assessment (as a minimum) is carried out in their areas of responsibility.  The Risk Assessments should be recorded and kept in a Risk Assessment File in the work place.


4.4     Results of Risk Assessments must be brought to the attention of staff affected.

Where necessary these staff must be given appropriate instruction and/or training to enable them to carry out control measures identified.


4.5     Visiting Enforcement Inspectors or Union Safety Representatives may ask to see these assessments.


5.0   Review mechanisms


5.1     There will be an automatic review of this policy at two yearly intervals or whenever there is a change of legislation that may affect the policy.


5.2     Risk assessments should be reviewed when any changes in work give rise to significant hazards. These reviews should be recorded and put in the Risk Assessment File. Safe working procedures must always reflect the current Risk Assessment control measures.


6.0   Associated documents


6.1     Health and Safety at Work Act 1974


6.2     Housing Corporation Regulatory Code